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My experience of June was full of fun and learning new things, but there were challenges as well. The first challenge for me was how to go from Gandikhata to office, because no regular conveyance was available to reach the office, and sometimes even if i use to find an e rickshaw they used to charge a lot of fare. On this matter, I had a discussion with Shoaib, he is one of our fellow team members who is also a very good friend of mine. We decided to come together from Gandikhata, as he comes on a bike. So, he used to wait for me every morning at Gandikhata, sometimes I used to get late even then he would not leave me and waited for me. I will always be thankful to him for understanding my problems because of Shoaib I always used to reach office on time - THANK YOU SHOAIB!

Now let's talk about summer training. A month long training was planned for all of us which was a joyful and learning experience for me. Tanya is my favourite and idol personality from our team. So getting trained from your idol was a great feeling. Every day she met, talked and had fun with us. For me it was the happiness that a child gets when she finds her favourite thing. Ok now let's talk about what the training was all about. We discussed many topics during the training. For example -PBL, zoom in ,zoom out, North Star, SWOT , My Vision etc.

PBL was such a topic that was discussed most but the topic that hit me the most was my vision. It’s because of this topic that made me think for myself. Writing down my goals and mission was more difficult than it was to think. My Vision was related to the safety of girls. We discussed the vision a lot which helped me build clarity about my goals and what I was missing and taught me how to set a vision and self management and I am sure that I will be able to work well on my vision.

By Meenakshi

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