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Through our on field learning and understanding of needs and behavior of Van Gujjar and Taungya communities, we have produced knowledge artifacts that can be used by men, women and children of these communities.

Samanta Foundation Handbook for Covid-19 Precautions and Prevention

This handbook has been created by us to help the community understand what Coronavirus is and list down the steps that should be taken by the community members to protect themselves against the virus and also prevent its spread in case it is identified to exist within the community. For better understanding, the book takes help of examples and illustrations that community members can very well relate to. 

Story of a Little Van Gujjar Girl

Samanta Foundation has been working with the Forest Communities - Van Gujjar and Taungya - Communities since 2018. We have focused on education especially for the girl child. This Doodle Book is a contextual text that connects the life of a Van Gujjar Girl acting as an interactive medium of learning.

Samanta Foundation Learning Kit for Primary School Kids

Samanta Foundation has been working on developing a Worksheet and Lesson Plan Bank during COVID for primary school children. There has been a concerted effort to also contextualise it for communities - Other Traditional Forest Dwellers and peripheral forest communities. 

ESF Prototype Approach - Engagement via Sports for Behavioral Change in Children of Elementary Schools

Samanta Foundation has been a keen advocate of using Sports as a medium to facilitate behavioural change in children of Elementary Schools. This approach focusses on preparing the child towards a - 1. Just social outlook 2. Building confidence 3. Fostering team spirit 4. Physical fitness 5. Gender Equality & Participation 

Story of an adolescent girl - Menstruation Workbook

This book is an attempt to bring out the problems the forest women are facing and the contextual solutions Samanta have been building with the community. This is a picture book depicting the existing knowledge and myths the community follows and the scientific knowledge Samanta has built.  

For more information, email us on samantaconnect@gmail.com

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