The Impact



Activities in Progress

  • Reach to 500+ children (direct and indirect)

  • Forest School

  • Learning spaces and libraries (5)

  • Learning activities with Children by - Art, Games, Painting etc

  • Regular Classes

  • Learning Kits

  • Regular attendance and increase in enrolment.

  • Sports activities in School


  • Functioning Forest School (1) with 40 (approximately) children from Van Gujjar and Taungya community

  • Access to learning materials and resources

  • Contextual learning material

  • Publish contextual learning material

  • Increase in enrolment and attendance

  • Youth engagement to lead learning spaces

Women Education Groups

Activities in Progress

  • 250 women organised in Women Education Groups

  • Meetings of each group - 2 times a month

  • Sessions on numeracy, literacy, nutrition garden

  • Workshop on menstrual and maternal health

  • Traditional skills revitalised

  • Develop local women, girls youth leaders


  • Traditional jewellery revived, exploring linkages to market

  • Improved health awareness

  • Improved usage of moden medicine

  • All women team (Youth)

  • Increase engagement of children in learning and library spaces