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Privacy Policy, Refunds/Cancellation, Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy
  1. All information submitted to EDLIV SAMANTA FOUNDATION (aka ESF to be used interchangeably) will be kept private and will not be shared with anyone other than for auditing and accounting purposes.

  2. The information will be subject to auditing and accounting compliances are per government guidelines.

  3. Information shared will be used to keep you informed/communicate to by ESF with regards to the work being done in lieu of your donation to the vision of the organization.

Refunds / Cancellation
  1. Payment once made will not be refunded except certain exceptions as mentioned in point 2.

  2. In case the donor does not share the correct details (Name, Address, Email. Mobile, Pan Card, Aadhaar etc.) and in full, the payment will not be utilized by the organization and will be subject to a refund automatically as government guidelines and rules.

  3. In case one initiates a subscription model he or she will be responsible to initiate cancellation/stop it as per his or her interest and commitment.

Terms and Conditions
  1. All information shared with us should be correct as mandated by the government guidelines.

  2. Any incorrect information (Donor details - Name, Address, Email. Mobile, Pan Card, Aadhaar etc.)  shared with the organisation would lead to responsibility of the Donor. ESF will follow government guidelines and rules in this regard.

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