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OUR Active Campaign

The Story

Sumit and Farid walk along the jungle pathways to reach Van Vidyalay Sodinagar Tongia. The rains, heat, muddy paths, no transportation, fear of animals bows down in front of the sheer grit and excitement to be in school to learn and be with friends.

Nandini, Shalini, Aasma and Rafiya walk from their huts in the forest holding hands wearing the traditional clothes laughing and running as they approach the school. All four are girls aged 7-12 keen on learning alphabets and writing in different languages.

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As Rafiya shows the traditional ‘Kaintha’ playfully speaking Gojri (native language) her smile is unmatched. The ease to learn in Gojri is amazing.

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Samanta Foundation is working with a vision; Education access to all, leading to holistic development of Communities. By 2027 we will enable access to quality education for 10000 children living in the remote geographies of Uttarakhand.for all, leading to holistic developmen


In the year 2024 we will be reaching 4000+ children aged between 3-14 years. The goals of the year are :


1.provide access to resources such as stationary, learning kits, story books etc.

2- Improve the quality of education by making it contextual


The Funds donated will be utilized in providing the access to educational resources to the children. The resources include:

1.Stationary kits,art supplies

2. Library story books

3. Learning workbooks

4. TLMs

5. Sports equipment


While there are already hundreds of millions of Indians using the Internet, not even 30% of rural India has access. 64% of children in rural, tribal India feared that they would have to drop out of school, only 15% of rural households had an internet connection, 80% of parents in government schools and 59% of parents in private schools reported that education was not effectively delivered. [Indianexpress & Counterview. 2021]


Learning Kits

Do yourself workbooks designed to be done in the comfort of home have brought so much learning, experience and happiness to the children. They have helped us mitigate the yet to overcome gap of technology and ensured “Quality learning”.

Libraries X Storytelling

We have altered the experience and love for school among children. Their excitement for these sessions and participation has been no less than “Magic”.

Fundraiser is for?

Children in Elementary education schools (public schools, learning spaces) from rural, tribal and pastoral nomadic communities living in and around forest areas of the Lower Shivaliks (Rajaji National Park & Tiger Reserve).

How funds will be utilized

These funds would be utilized as part of our Whole School Transformation plan to reach to 30 schools in the year - 2024-25

Total amount to be raised  ₹16,00,000

The Reasons

Our Efforts



Number of Children Reached

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Per 40 Children Per Quarter

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Per 10 Children Per Year

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Per 10 Children Per Year

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