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Well it has been a wonderful journey of unforgettable experiences that have tuned my thought processes and perspective. I am thankful to every single individual for contributing in my journey and believing in me. Recently I got an opportunity to represent Samanta at an international forum called Asia pacific Forum for Sustainable Development. It was a platform to bring together youth who have been doing impactful work in their communities. Let me take you through key highlights from the event.

  1. So, a group of 18 innovators came together from Asia-pacific who have innovated contextualised solutions on SDGs 1, 2, 3, 13, 16, 17. 

2. I showcased our solution around SRHR related issues in our context. We are using what’s app chatbot to spread awareness around female and reproductive health. We have created local contextualised content in the form of videos and picture books.

3. Many young entrepreneurs and youth joined us and had an opportunity to have an inclusive conversation. It was wonderful to share my ideas and solutions that we have been working upon to solve challenges in our context. 

Such forums are helpful to partner and collaborate with youth minds who are willing to take risks and learn to make an impact in their communities. I believe youth role models are the torch bearers of the future and spaces like these should be given the position of our collective voices for achieving larger and bigger goals.


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