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Updated: Jul 29

We aim to bring the latest updates to our donors, benefactors, supporters, contributors, partners, team and people. As part this thought we have introduced the Quarterly Progress Report starting the Apr - Jun 2023 quarter.

Samanta Foundation - Quarterly Progress Report (Snapshot) Apr - Jun 2023
Download PDF • 4.51MB

This is in addition to the ongoing updates mechanisms -

  1. Newsletters

  2. Blogs

  3. Fundraiser updates

  4. Facebook

  5. Instagram

  6. LinkedIn

  7. Twitter

We will be happy to learn more from you with regards to suggestions on impact reporting and progress report. Please email us on or drop a message on 9910654474.

You can support our work through :-

  1. Online Direct payment to the Organization click on this -> LINK

  2. You can also donate via Milaap click on this -> LINK


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