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In my experience, community participation is crucial to maximise the reach of our efforts in the community. Doing so, we are able to create ownership and engage various stakeholders in the community.

As we work on enabling libraries, I am trying to build a mandate of education through stories. In this process I am trying to engage youth from the community as storytellers to conduct storytelling sessions by integrating context. In this process, despite the challenges it is an experience of exchange of knowledge and learning. Exchange of knowledge comprises of addition of indigenous perspectives and language learning. Learning is made up of the capacity issues of youth and limitations of stories that are offered from other cultures and languages. We ave designed a 4 step process for a storytelling session. Each step is sequential and has further elements which are to be worked upon. Below is poster representation of the process.

This process has enabled us to document locally created lesson plans for stories and it is also contributing in the capacity building of youth engaged. Here a youth sharing his experience with stories:

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