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REASONS FOR EFFECTIVE COVID RESPONSE- "memories of truth & trust"

As the country is reeling under the constant "LOCKDOWN" and "UNLOCK" the forest life for communities has started to change. The people are unable to understand the reasons for announcements of "LOCKDOWNS" & "UNLOCKS". They seem to believe that the year ahead could be really challenging. We at Samanta are working to ensure a consistent connectivity of community to information and resolve issues one step at a time. Our work during COVID has been due to so many people and volunteers engaged with us. They are the reason for us to deliver an effective response. Some glimpses!

Samanta among people

Picture : In the Forest

Samanta creating resources for children

Picture : Jungle Library Network - MicroInnovation

Picture : Community offered space, we put it to USE!

Samanta working with volunteers

Picture : Remote volunteering by folks from UK to Gujarat & on Ground as well!

Community Inspirations

Picture : Community Youth in Action I

Picture : Community Youth in Action II

Picture : Community Youth in Action III

Samanta has been able to deliver during these challenging COVID times courtesy the people above! They are a reason for us to do more and forever!

(Samanta Team)

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