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The process of setting up a library in the school involves -

  1. Evaluation of school infrastructure

  2. Knowledge of students and teachers

  3. Ecosystem analysis

I began by investing time to inquire what the school system thinks of libraries as a space. How it would contribute to improving the learning outcomes of the children?

I believe linking libraries with learning outcomes is a part of the process which leads to building trust among teachers, administration, community in the concept of libraries. We aim to complement the work of the teachers as libraries help in improving a child’s comprehension and articulation skills which will benefit teachers in the regular classroom.

Over past 8 months, we have started developing libraries with existing resources available in public schools. We aim to develop a space that encourages participation of students through Library management committee and ensure accessibility for everyone.

The space is conceptualised keeping in mind learning levels of children and regular session s are being conducted in two primary school over 6 days in the week. Initially the idea is to make the teachers part of sessions to help them understand and learn about the demonstrable aspects of libraries. This process also helps in building stakeholdership of the school as we invite suggestions from teachers and the Head master post sessions to improve the quality of lesson plans and TLMs.

We will be happy to invite suggestions to improve our process to set up libraries.

We are raising funds for our school programme and would request you to visit the page:

Support and know about our work on:

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