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Updated: Sep 26, 2020

Phase II COVID RESPONSE on Sanitary and Menstrual Health by Samanta.

In Phase II Samanta has been engaged in

1. Organising women in small groups for sessions on menstrual health,

2. Distribution of reusable sanitary pads to Van Gujjar and Taungya women,

3. Conduct trainings on stitching and sewing cloth pads at home,

4. Conduct Trainings to sew and stitch masks for family.

Travelled for more than 3000+ kms to reach forest communities in these challenging times. Enabling access and awareness by engagement to health. We carry on our work to reach our people!

Conducting training on stitching a sanitary pad turned out to be successful as a few of them started by stitching their own pads. These young girls plan to stitch more and spread awareness on menstrual hygiene management.

As part of our fundraising we were able to achieve the following -

1. Distribution of Sanitary Kits for women and adolescent girls (direct reach 500+)

2. Distribution of reusable sanitary pads to women and adolescent girls

3. Menstrual and Maternal health workshops for women in groups

4. Train women on sewing sanitary pads and masks using local resources

5. Provide Learning Kits to children for at home Education through June-August (direct reach 400+)

6. Support continuous learning among children through Youth engagement

7. initiate nutrition garden as a pilot in the community

8. Organisational resources to support Education response

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