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Your Support & Impact

Experience of Fund Raising

Our experience of fund raising was wonderful as we got connected to the wider world. The coming together of the Samanta staff and volunteers to frame a strategy towards doing so was filled with engaging discussions, developing consensus and laying down a road map with timelines. We clearly identified the resources that were required for the children coming to the forest school. We did a fair estimate after taking inputs from different sources. We launched the campaign and used the social media tools to spread the word. The sheer sense of sharing our work with the people was fulfilling.

Goals Accomplished

We were able to raise the resources for emergent needs. The connections we developed as a result with the people are the biggest gain for Samanta. The interest of the people to stay connected by in person visits, over the phone and via social media is a big support for us at Samanta. We have felt that there are people who believe in the work we do and are willing to stand besides us in our effort to work towards equality for the forest dwelling and peripheral communities.



We are motivated by the response of people to our efforts and have been trying to share our experiences with more people. We understand the need to consistently be in touch with our supporters who have come forward in current times by contributing to our work. We have also learnt the method of engaging with the wider world. The coming together of people for the cause of education is a phenomenon and as we all spread the word among our networks we can create a scalable impact.


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