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Year Highlights- 2019-20

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

We at Samanta Foundation have had a wonderful 2019-20. As we moved out of the forest areas to connect with the wider world and engage to achieve our goals it has been an encouraging journey so far. We would like to share the highlights with you all who have in one way or other been supporting us.


Whole School Transformation

We have been working at the Sodinagar Van Vidyalay ("Sodinagar Forest School aka SVV") in order to increase the enrolment of children from the Van Gujjar and Taungya community.

We are working with an intensive model in place. Our community numbers are as follows -

Taungya - 46 households

Van Gujjar - 30 households

Number of Children enrolled in school as of today - 40

Number of children engaged out of school as of today - 20

Number of adolescent girls engaged out of school today - 20

Number of women engaged out of school today - 40

We look to work towards developing a model practice in place and further our work in the forest ecosystems thereby increasing numbers in a sustainable and effective way.


Fund Utilisation

We have been attempting to create the resources in order to facilitate the process of Whole School Transformation. We have been utilising the funds as per the designated particulars as in the fund raising campaign. We area sharing details below.

Student Resources


Sports Resources


Art and Craft materials

Library Set up

Supporting Infrastructure

School Infrastructure

Boards and Learning Literature

Community Resources Center

Learning Materials

(*we will share fund utilisation certificate with the annual report)


Next Steps - 2020-21

1). Work towards pedagogies for forest ecosystem and curriculum. Contextual Literature Book release.

2). Use Education as a medium to work on challenges of Health of adolescent girls and women : - Menstrual Health,

- Maternal Health,

- Reproductive and Sexual Health

3). Set up a Community Learning Center.

4). Setting up library

We are planning to do the next fund raising in the coming year and would be keen to accept feedback, inputs and suggestions. Please get in touch as per your convenience!

Mobile - 9910654474

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