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Women are the last ones to open up when it comes to speaking in public gatherings. They have a lot to say but the years of socialisation under the umbrella of patriarchy don't let them speak. Enabling the women to speak on topics like menstruation, women health and well-being is a tough nut to crack.

Samanta has aiming to "engage" women in such conversations to impart health literacy and learn about their experiences. The women have been sharing about the challenges of keeping a healthy life by living in the forests.

Our interaction on a typical basis with the women is a one on one or the regular monthly meetings. Each meeting has around 16-20 women sitting in circle in the Deras in the forest.

Our conversations are meant to track their health and provide them with a platform to speak their mind out. The opportunities give confidence and with it comes the success.

The men in our society have received the social confidence and opportunity to speak and express which in turn leads to their success. It is this very social imbalance that we aim to address. Provide women the platform to women to share their experiences, stand with each other and learn about their bodies.

What women say?

“ charcha mein mujhe acha lagta hai kyunki maine kabhi bhi apne shareer ko aise nahi samjha. Mujhe baatein karne me mazaa ata hai”,

this is a statement of a young women who loves to share her experiences. She mentions that she looks forward to the gathering as together they all laugh, share each other's problems and also learn new things every time they meet.

The coming together of elderly and young women has led to consolidation of cultural and indigenous knowledge.

“Mujhe nahi pata tha ki humaare samaaj me mahilayyon ko itna maloom hoga, ye to mujhe charcha me aakar pata chala ki itna kuch hai seekhna ko humare liye ek doosre se”.

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