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Updated: Mar 22, 2021


In 2020 during pandemic we stepped into the world of stories with children. In early days, it was about unlearning a lot of things. As we interacted with children, youth, women and community I came to know about age old stories, myths and wonders of forests. We listened to all with awe!


Children are storytellers, all you need is encouragement, laughter and space. The experience with children breaks into you, as I think of how we form linear stories as we grow. The imagination just vanishes with time though as a child it is limitless. As they say two parallel lines meet at infinity so do stories. The stories of animals, night crawlers, trees, hills, rivers have been filling our days ever since.


This led us to set up libraries which were nomadic. Funnily each could move like a backpack from once place to the other as pastoral nomads do. We started to engage with children though :




As we sat with children storytelling began to evolve from : Pictures, Books, Role Plays to Imaginative Characters. One of the youths from the Community has started to draw stories. The images are so compelling and mirror the local context, eco system. The demand for stories is on the rise!

The learning abilities of the children are going to flourish as we attempt to also document local stories for the libraries. The plan is to carry on the process for 1 year. The focus is on using library as an engagement model for children to education.

Guneet & Prashant


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