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As part of our efforts to work with remote organisations across the country we have initiated first steps along with our buddy peer organisation RZAMBA.

Our Co founders Tanya and Prashant travelled to Kargil, Ladakh for the Orientation workshop for the Youth fellows who are going to work with government schools. The journey was through Dehradun, Delhi, Srinagar, Sonamarg onwards to Kargil.

As part of the Orientation sessions had been designed by Team Samanta around -

  1. Reflective learning

  2. Libraries

  3. Individual development plans

  4. Education

The team organised the sessions by planning different activities -

  1. Games

  2. Treasure hunts

  3. Role plays

  4. Art, Drawing

We at Samanta have designed Youth Training modules which were put to use. The - "Library" process, resource and modules developed by Samanta Foundation over the period of last 2 years was also shared extensively. We at Samanta have been building these modules which comprise of knowledge, practice and reflective learning engagements.

We are thankful to Team RZamba for making us feel like home and deliver an engaging and learning workshop. Samanta & RZamba as buddy organisations have been constantly working towards building a meaningful and impactful partnership which can create the much needed and desired change in the Himalayan Ecosystem.

More updates coming up soon!

*Prashant Anand*

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