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This blog is aimed at highlighting the latest internship and volunteer opportunities at Samanta Foundation. We aim to update it once a month. Kindly get in touch on for any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions -

I. Can I work online?

Yes depending on the available opportunity one can work from home.

II. Where does Samanta work?

Currently we work in Uttarakhand in and around the Rajaji National Park & Tiger reserve. The areas are - Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun, Saharanpur.

III. What does Samanta work in?

Currently we work in the field of - Whole School Transformation (K8), Youth development (i.e. fellowship & collective), ECCE.

IV. Which communities does Samanta work with?

Currently we are working with pastoral nomad, tribal, rural, minorities, youth, children.

V. Does Samanta have a Government partnership in place?


VI. What is the minimum duration for an internship?

4 weeks is the minimum which translates to 28 working days. Anything less than this is considered a volunteering effort.

VII. Do I get paid for the internship?

Depends on the opportunity and only if you are at the project area in an offline mode. The minimum support offered is travel fare to and fro from your base location to Samanta work location at the start and end of the internship period.

VIII. Do I get a certificate?

Yes you do get a certificate on completion of the agreed internship criterion only.

IX. Accommodation is provided by Samanta for stay during internship?

No we do not provide any accommodation.

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