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This blog is aimed at highlighting the latest job opportunities at Samanta Foundation. We aim to update it once a month. Kindly get in touch on for any queries.

Frequently Asked Questions -

I. Can I work online?

As of now we are only looking for people who can work on the project locations. In case there is a specific opportunity the same will be mentioned in the JD.

II. Where does Samanta work?

Currently we work in Uttarakhand in and around the Rajaji National Park & Tiger reserve. The areas are - Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun, Saharanpur.

III. What does Samanta work in?

Currently we work in the field of - Whole School Transformation (K8), Youth development (i.e. fellowship & collective), ECCE.

IV. Which communities does Samanta work with?

Currently we are working with pastoral nomad, tribal, rural, minorities, youth, children.

V. Does Samanta have a Government partnership in place?


Job roles

A) MELC - Monitoring Evaluation Learning and Communication

Years of experience (1-3 years)


ESF JD- MEL 2024
Download PDF • 81KB

B) SEL - Socio Emotional Learning

Years of experience (1-3 years)


ESF JD- SEL 2024
Download PDF • 86KB

C) Program Associate - Semiskilled

Years of experience (0-1 years)

D) ECCE - Curriculum developer*

*opportunity is currently on hold


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