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SAMANTA FOUNDATION is a registered not for profit under the COMPANIES ACT 2013 (SECTION 8) since 2019. We are happy to share that in 2021 as an organisation we have been accredited with all the necessary government compliances.

We are now accredited with -

  1. 12AA

  2. 80G

  3. CSR-1

  4. All donations made to Samanta Foundation are eligible for a Tax Rebate as per the Government of India Tax framework.

We are sharing our certificate documents here and would be happy to facilitate Donations through different mediums as available on our website (DONATE button) and Direct Donations to the Samanta Foundation bank account as well.

Samanta Foundation Accreditation Documents 12AA 80G CSR-1
Download PDF • 1.87MB

In case of any queries or facilitation is required please feel free to get in touch with us on or our ChatBot - 9837883575!


Co Founder (Samanta Foundation)

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