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“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” — Frederick Douglass

The Project Based Learning with youth facilitated by Samanta has built a perfect space for children to be together in these times when schools are shut. The community has also offered support (by providing space) and youth have come forward to ensure continual learning.

Our engagement with forest communities has helped us to understand the capabilities and learning levels of the children. Our idea of forest libraries finds its support in the community and youth who are willing to participate actively in taking forward this idea. Forest Libraries is a micro innovation which focuses to enhance learning outcomes in children. The children engage with stories by reading, narrating and sharing with each other. A common interest among children promoting sharing and learning. It aims at documenting local stories and providing a platform to elderly from the community to share contextual stories and experiences in the coming times.

Our first forest library was welcomed with enthusiasm and great hope by the children and community. Here are a few photos of the same.

This photo is from the time when children wanted to fill in the bag with their own hands and wanted to keep the books where they wanted.

Happy reading faces, we see as we experiencing storytelling, reading and the odd performance!

“A word after a word after a word is power.”– Margaret Atwood

(Guneet & Prashant)

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