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A young girl living far away from the hustle bustle of the city is away from all the media around awareness and behavioural change that has been published over the years. Be it audio visual, books or animations her access is limited and her ecosystem is unique.

As part of efforts to bridge the gap of learning, reflecting and educating students Samanta Foundation has been working on co construction for publishing of localised experiences, traditions and practices to enable learning. This learning constitutes literacy and numeracy as well socio emotional learning as well. In addition the bodily changes that the students experience have been addressed too.

Tanya Khera has been working on developing contextual content for students of elementary education. She has been working with forest dwelling, pastoral nomads, rural and tribal communities.

Her book talks about the experience of a young girl living in a forest around menstruation. It encapsulates in pictorial and words her actual lived experience. This book has been published and used as learning material with students, girls, youth and women from the community. It is used while workshops and trainings are held in community as well!

Feel free to use it and share your feedback!

Download PDF • 3.76MB

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